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Aluminium bifold doors made to measure

These aluminium bi-folding doors are the perfect solution for homeowners, especially those that want to maximise light and get a great view of the outdoors. Bifold doors not only make your home look great but also come with a huge range of security and safety features making these doors ideal for everyone.

Your choices are also important, meaning all these doors come in a variety of different colours and sizes. You can get the perfect door for you easily with just a few clicks.

These aluminium folding doors are the perfect solution for your back garden doors or perhaps even a home extension to open up your living space, due to the customisation available.

All doors also come with optional extras such as integrated blinds (manual or electric), trickle vents and more if these options appeal to you, just be sure to let us know when ordering.

You can even install a moveable corner post if you require the door frame to be placed over a corner of your house. Also known as a floating corner post, the doors can be customised to your desire and are perfect for bigger homes with large back gardens.

Key Aluminium bifolding doors features

  • Engineering grade hardware – smooth opening and closing aluminium bifold doors
  • Bottom Hung for smooth operation and effective weight distribution
  • Sleek, modern design – installer friendly
  • Security to PAS 24 standards – for peace of mind
  • 55mm super slim sightline – maximise light and views
  • Weather rated standard threshold, with low threshold and ramp options available
  • U values of 1.4 (triple glazed) and 1.6 (double glazed)
  • 10 year warranty on factory powder coating and hardware as standard
  • Robust running gear operates smoothly and ensures minimal maintenance
  • Widths up to 1200mm per sash and heights of 3000mm
  • Bespoke colours available
  • Floating corner post option available

Contact us now for the best quality aluminium bifold doors made to measure and delivered to your home in the UK. You can choose your set up of 3 panel bifolds up to 7 panel bifolds in multiple configurations to suit your needs. Security is paramount with all our aluminium bi-folding doors so you can sleep safe and sound at night knowing you have the latest locking systems to protect you and your family.

aluminium bifolding doors

20mm threshold

All aluminium bifold doors come with the option of a 20mm threshold from the base of the door to the floor. This threshold enables the door to be as close to the floor as possible whilst still being secure and weathertight, so you don’t have to worry about any bad weather ruining your bifold doors and your home warm all year round. It will also allow you to get great natural light into your house, so no need for excessive electricity use.

Of course, this is only an option, so if you don’t feel like having a low threshold is for you, you can select different options that better suit your home and your needs.

aluminium bifolding doors threshold

55mm sightline (ultra-slim)

The aluminium bifold doors also come with ultra-slim sightlines, making the view out of the doors as pleasing as it possibly can be. There will be no obstructions or off-putting features due to these sightlines so you can enjoy your view out of the glass to the outdoors, no matter where you’re looking out from.

Up to 1200mm wide panels

Each set of bifold doors comes with a range of glass panel widths, going up to 1200mm wide panels for them, which will also contribute to the amazing view and aesthetic appeal that you are after. Depending on the size of the door you want, the width of these panels may get bigger as the height and panel number increase.

Bigger doors will also grant more glass and, in turn, allows much natural light into your home, making it great for saving energy.

aluminium bifold panels

Bifold Doors Aluminium Frame & 10-year warranty

If anything were to happen to your aluminium bifold doors, there is a 10-year warranty as the standard for all bi-fold doors. This covers all repairs or replacements that you may need for your doors, so you don’t have to worry about them being too much of an expensive investment, we’ve got you covered! Built to last with top-class materials the aluminium frame and double glazing will be keeping your home warm whilst looking fantastic for years to come.

Up to 3m tall

Aluminium bifold doors all come in a range of shapes and sizes, including heights of up to 3m tall. You can get the perfect size of doors for your home, whether this is tall or shorter, this range of bifold doors can suit your needs.

3-Star Diamond Locking System

High security is of utmost importance to us and you, which is what makes these aluminium bifold doors so great! They come with a 3-star diamond locking system built in as well as ultion locks, so these bifold doors are as secure as they can possibly be, enabling you to rest easy knowing the high security of these doors is keeping you and your household safe.

Ultion locks are some of the highest reviewed locking systems around, as well as meeting the police preferred specification that prevents your home from break-ins or any other damage.

ultion lock

Full UK delivery

All ranges of aluminium folding doors can be shipped across the UK, no matter the colour or size of your bifold door. The cost of delivery will be determined by your whereabouts in the UK.

The vast majority of doors take around 3-5 weeks to construct and then, as soon as it is made, the door will be delivered to you. If the doors are longer than 4.6m, they can be shipped flat-packed, making installing aluminium bifold doors much easier.

Colour range of aluminium bi-fold doors

Not only do we want you to know about the features of these bi-folding doors, but we also want you to know about the selection of colours that you can choose from. Hopefully, this will help you choose the perfect doors for your home to not only have the benefits of these aluminium bifold doors but to also get the best-looking ones.

All bifolding doors, no matter the size, can come in the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Anthracite Grey

A dual colour option is also available, so if you’d rather go for an anthracite grey/white or a black/white, that is entirely within our and your power.

Door handles

The door handles can also come in a full range of different colours to choose from, giving you even more customisation on your ideal door. The bifold door handles come in the following colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Chrome
  • Brushed Steel

Aluminium French Doors

Alongside the aluminium bifold doors that are available, we also do a full range of aluminium french doors. If a patio or bifold door would be too big for the space you have, you can always rely on french aluminium doors to do the job instead.

Similar to our aluminium bifolding doors, our french aluminium doors utilise features such as ultra-slim sight lines for a great view of your outdoor space with natural light as well as strong manufacturing materials for ensuring security for your household. Aluminium does not rot or corrode, making it the perfect material to make doors out of.

These doors also have high energy efficiency, with a 1.4 W/m2K U-value rating as the standard, providing great insulation and weatherproofing. This value also means that you will be much more thermally efficient by keeping in the warmth, potentially saving you much more on your heating bills.

All aluminium french doors also come in a range of different sizes, going up to 2500mm in height and 2400mm in width so you can have the perfect set of doors for your house. Whether your doors open outwards or inwards is also up to you, so let us know when you’re making your order. French aluminium doors also have the same range of door and handle colours that the aluminium bifold doors do as well as the dual colour option, so there is a great selection to choose from.

aluminium french doors

Aluminium patio doors

We also offer the option of aluminium patio doors that come in lift and slide style as well as standard sliding doors style. Much like the french and bifold doors, these patio doors are made of aluminium due to the added security and strength it offers the door. They are also compliant with PAS 24, meaning they have been tested and certified with a high standard of safety.

Slim sightlines are again a major feature of this door, making it great aesthetically for your home and garden area. Also, these aluminium doors offer an even greater U-value rating of 1.1 W/m2K, so they are very environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The patio doors can be customised to meet your exact requirements, with heights of up to 3000mm and widths of up to 2500mm wide. A wide range of colours of doors, including black, white, green and anthracite grey, are available as well as the same colour handles as our aluminium bifold doors.

aluminium patio doors

Aluminium windows

Not only is there a huge range of doors to choose from, but there are also options for windows for those interested. Aluminium windows are ideal for any home due to their energy efficiency and durability, they are also a good long-term investment with their affordability and easy maintenance.

The insulation for these windows is great, preventing condensation as much as possible and weatherproofing your home for added efficiency in energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

They all come in a range of different colours as well such as black, white, grey and green. The size of the windows is also customisable depending on the size you require, the ideal style of your window, and the number of panels you want in with it.

Styles of windows are a very important choice we like to offer to people, so we have a wide range of them for everyone to choose from to allow everyone to put their own spin on their windows. The different styles to choose from are:

  • Aluminium casement
  • Gables & curved
  • Aluminium sash
  • Aluminium tilt & turn
  • Aluminium horizontal sliding

No matter which door system or window you require, whether it is a bi-fold door, a patio or a french door, all have full UK delivery. Regardless of where you are in the UK, all of these are available to you, though the delivery costs will differ depending on your whereabouts.

aluminium windows

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